Winning the war on service records

Every industry has its unique document management challenges. Example: vehicle dealers. Very often, their paper war is with service records — the written history of the repairs and maintenance lavished on the constant stream of cars coming through their workshops.

In nearly all cases, service records are entered into the dealer’s vehicle management system. These systems don’t, however, capture the hand-written notes mechanics add to the hard copy record. These notes, plus any supporting documentation, typically get stapled together and stored in a mezzanine above the workshop, in a shed out the back, or maybe in an offsite storage facility.

Which is all fine and dandy until one day there’s a warranty claim. Those handwritten notes then suddenly become critical to the resolution. And finding them is inevitably a headache for someone who nearly always has something better to do with their time. It’s a recipe for frustration and inefficiency.

Happily, streamline’s Indeks document management solution is an easy answer. It scans and stores all the info, hard copy or digital, typed or handwritten. And it captures the repair order number, vehicle registration and the job date as metadata, making it dead easy to retrieve the record months or years later. There’s also a variant of Indeks that takes care of all the document scanning for you — ideal for busy workshops that just don’t have the bandwidth for such routine and repetitive tasks.

Want to learn more? Our Indeks specialist and resident car nut is Shane Wills. He’s at Drop him a note and get him to explain how you can win your own document war.