Can a robot be your friend?

Don’t look now, but there’s a good chance there’s a robot somewhere in your office. Not a physical one, of course — we’re talking about software robots, algorithms that turn what used to be manual tasks into automated processes. Capturing data from an invoice and matching it to a PO, for example, or routing incoming documents to the right team. All done silently, around the clock, without error and at a fraction of the cost of human processing.
At streamline, we think of these robots as friends. Our solutions harness plenty of them to give customers back office efficiencies few of them thought possible. But we reckon there’s plenty more potential in our robots. They can unlock the hidden value in a customer’s databases by predicting their customers’ behaviour. One example: a contributor to a streamline customer from the non-profit sector changes their home address; they’re now living in a retirement home. The new address is recorded in a database and can automatically trigger a question: would this contributor perhaps be interested in considering a bequest?
It’s one example amongst many. We’re working with organisations of many different kinds to put robot intelligence to work on their behalf. Watch this space!