Media release: Kiwi-developed taxi fuel card cuts complexity and saves drivers money

Auckland, NZ. Monday, 18 June 2018


Taxi drivers across the country are about to save money and simplify their jobs with an innovative New Zealand-developed fuel card.

The new fuel card, jointly launched by Mobil New Zealand and taxi billing solution provider TaxiCharge, was piloted at Wellington Combined Taxis earlier this year and is now being offered to all the fleet’s 530 drivers. The new card is the first of its kind to combine fuel discounts with fare factoring, which guarantees drivers on-the-spot payment for fares.

The Mobil/TaxiCharge fuel card is optional, has no transaction or card fees and, by channeling fuel payments through individual driver accounts, simplifies the payment process.

Mobil Commercial Business Manager Peter Retimanu says the card is designed to reduce administration overheads and operating costs in the taxi industry. “While there’s a huge variety of fuel cards in the market, this is the first to offer significant fuel discounts and the ability for drivers to get paid right away.”

Mark Lines, Chief Executive of Auckland-based TaxiCharge, expects the card to be available over time to 2500 taxis covered by 25 partner taxi companies. It will trim paperwork and fuel costs for drivers, who typically operate as one-person businesses.

Dave Clyma, Chairman of Wellington Combined Taxis says the trade discount on fuel offered by the joint card will give drivers a competitive edge.

The card runs on the TaxiCharge Payment Platform (TPP), a cloud-based software solution developed and maintained for TaxiCharge by streamline, a back-office automation provider headquartered in Newmarket, Auckland. Launched in 2010, TPP acts as a factoring platform and accounting package, automating the processing of more than 250,000 taxi transactions per month.

Streamline Chief Executive Officer Craig Pellett says integrating TPP with Mobil’s billing engine is a textbook example of transforming complexity into simplicity. “It knits together driver, taxi company, billing solution provider and fuel vendor, with benefits for all parties and ongoing efficiencies end-to-end,” he says.

The company our company keeps

We’re told that we are judged by the company we keep. If that’s true, we’re happy to be chums with Paystation, streamline’s payments partner. And we figure the Paystation people feel the same way, because they’ve just written a case study about us.

Paystation processes more than 250,000 payments every year for streamline customers such as the Heart Foundation and taxi billing wizards TaxiCharge. Those transactions are handled with consistent accuracy, but there’s another strength to the relationship: security. Streamline aims for the highest data security standards. We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS – usually rendered just as ‘PCI’. So does Paystation, which means we can offer our customers a highly secure end-to-end service. And that’s a good thing, because our customers tell us those standards give them confidence to trust us with their data.