How Tim got his evenings back

Back office automation is typically measured in terms of cost savings and efficiency. But sometimes its most compelling benefits are on a human scale.

Tristram European’s Tim Heyrick and his unloved backlog of physical service job cards.

An example: Auckland car dealership Tristram European is using streamline’s document management solution to avoid the cost of hiring a part-time clerk to file its service job cards. We reckon, however, the upside is also a personal one. Tristram’s Service Operations Manager, Tim Heyrick, used to spend too many evenings filing job cards. Since he switched over to Indeks in January 2018, he’s got his evenings back. You can read about it in our  case study, a three-minute read.  Heyrick’s verdict on Indeks? “It’s a no-brainer. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

PlusOne for holidaymakers

Remember that time you were on holiday in Bali, thinking about anything except work, and suddenly remembered a bunch of invoices you’d forgotten to sign off?

If you use PlusOne, streamline’s accounts payable automation solution, sorting those invoices out would be easy. PlusOne is a cloud service, which means you can use it anywhere and at any time. Log in, quickly call up the invoices you need, review them, done. Back to the swimming pool.

We reckon more than a few PlusOne users have had an equivalent of the Bali experience. A quick look at the records shows that, over the last 12 months, users have logged in from such holiday hot spots as the Greek city of Heraklion, Hoi An in Vietnam, Milan and, yes, Ubud in Bali. Plus plenty of other places – in total, 36 cities in 140 countries. No surprise that New Zealand is the biggest source of PlusOne transactions, but the second largest source was a surprise. We assumed it would be Australia; it’s actually Germany.

Our take: PlusOne makes it easy to take your work with you when you travel. If you’re going on holiday, however, clear the invoices first and leave more time for the pool.