An Auckland car dealership’s service department parks its paper job cards. And the boss gets his evenings back.

Next time you drop your car off for a service, spare a thought for the unfortunate soul who files your job card.

Tim Heyrick was one of those souls. Heyrick, Service Operations Manager for Tristram European, a Volkswagen and Skoda dealer on Auckland’s North Shore, has devoted rather too much of his life to filing and retrieving job cards.

Tristram’s Tim Heyrick and his job cards.

Like almost any other dealership you can mention, Tristram has faithfully captured vehicle, owner and service data on a physical job card, stapled the card to any related documentation, run it through invoicing and then filed it. Filing 40 or more of these every day was a constant headache; too often Heyrick and his two service advisors would find themselves taking boxes of cards home to file late into the evenings. Retrieving them was worse: when a service record was required for warranty or any other purpose, someone would have to climb up into a dusty storage room and dig the card out a wall of literally hundreds of cardboard boxes. It could take hours. In the case of warranty jobs, typically handled in batches of 50, it could take days.

“It was a horrible and dirty task,” says Heyrick.

That horrible task vanished in January 2018 when Tristram adopted streamline’s Indeks document management solution.

“We’d been referred to Indeks by another user,” Heyrick explains. “Our shopping list was a solution that would provide a digital copy of the whole job card, both sides and any attachments. Being able to search for it was the main thing – we wanted to type in a job card number and get it straight away. And searchable by repair order number and registration number. Indeks did that.”

Many users scan their own documents directly into Indeks. In Tristram’s case, however, Heyrick added streamline’s Springboard outsourcing solution to provide an end-to-end service. “Now, we courier our job cards to streamline every week, they scan them for us, and they’re available online in a couple of days.”

Streamline has also, batch by batch, been scanning Tristram’s wall of boxes of stored job cards.

The result: a huge time-saver for Heyrick and his team, who now retrieve job records via a browser. “One hundred percent,” he says. “I don’t know how I lived without it now. If someone asks me to find a card, I can now find it within a second.”

Indeks has also eliminated the re-work associated with misfiled job cards. There have been times, says Heyrick, when his team wasted hours looking for a card, gave up, and had to find other ways of tracking down the information they needed. No more.

Tristram hasn’t formally analysed the  return on investment for Indeks, but Heyrick says it’s saved him and his team hours of unproductive effort and has saved the salary of a part-timer Heyrick would otherwise had to hire just to do the filing. And Mrs Heyrick is happy, because her husband doesn’t bring his job home any more.

“I’d say it’s a no-brainer, really,” Heyrick smiles. “It saves so much time. And the ease of finding things, within seconds, is just amazing. I’d recommend Indeks to anybody.”

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