Why use a best-in-class document management solution?
Because the paperless office is a myth.

Businesses everywhere are sinking under the weight of processing and storing business documents. Indeks removes that issue, letting you easily capture and manage your documents, so you can quickly find and retrieve files whenever and wherever you need them.

How it integrates

Indeks includes an export function offering standard formats such as .CSV and Excel for seamless import into existing systems.

Reduce drudgery, focus on your core business

Indeks takes repetitive processing tasks away from your team, allowing them to focus on value-added business functions.

Convenient search and retrieval

Indeks: it’s where your business documents are tagged and filed, with key data for convenient search and retrieval anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

What our clients say

“Indeks has enabled me to regain office space.”

“Indeks has drastically decreased the amount of paperwork needing storage. It has improved efficiency and organisation.”

“Indeks provides a simple, user-friendly system that allows us to keep track of our important documents and records. The fact that these can be easily viewed at any time by multiple users is very beneficial.”

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