The Ripple supporter engagement solution can handle the entire fundraising or membership engagement cycle: database, inbound and outbound communications via a range of channels, financial transaction processing, reconciliation and reporting. It automates repetitive manual transactions, provides detailed insight into supporter behaviour and gives you control down to the most granular level. Combined with streamline’s Springboard outsourcing solution, it’s the complete toolkit for excellence in supporter engagement.

The dedicated sponsor engagement platform

Database: know your supporters

A powerful, easily managed database gives you granular visibility of engagements right down to the individual level, including scanned images of hard copy communications. Plus highly configurable management reporting to supercharge your engagement strategy.

Automation: eliminate the operational overhead

Automate receipt issuing, purchase confirmation and much more.

Financial transactions: your banking portal

Inbound and outbound financial transactions and reconciliation handled through Ripple’s highly secure banking portal.

Transform supporter engagement

Slash cycle times, reduce operational costs, release staff from repetitive manual tasks to refocus on higher-value activities, release physical storage space. And that’s just the start. Your supporters get an individualized and consistently superior experience. Your organisation gets sophisticated reporting that informs your strategy by, for example, identifying clusters of consistent donors and showing you how best to reach them.

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